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EPIC Unfolding offers group home and waiver services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

About E.P.I.C Unfolding


EPIC Unfolding offers group home and waiver services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Epic Unfolding is a startup Limited Liability Corporation that plans to open July 15,2022. EPIC Unfolding is owned and operated by Ashley Scott. This business was started to provide quality care for individuals seeking group home and waiver services. The residents at EPIC Unfolding will receive 24/7 care and assistance. EPIC Unfolding supports and promotes family and community integration. EPIC Unfolding will work closely with resident’s families to maintain a positive rapport. The rapport between the family and EPIC will allow families and residents to have a peace of mind knowing their loved one is in a safe environment.
The heart of EPIC Unfolding is its residents. The well-being of its residents is the mission of the organization. Therefore, the organization has made it the priority to adapt to the ongoing needs of its residents. One example of the planned individualized service we plan to implement is an integrated community service that is person-centered reflecting, the interest of the residents. Each resident is a unique individual that deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. These individuals should be afforded the opportunities to and experience greater life satisfaction.

Products and Service

EPIC Unfolding provides assistance with home and community habilitation; adaptive appliance and equipment; prevocational services; nursing; personal support services; license day habilitation; homemaker/ chores services; transportation and support coordination. At the same time, EPIC Unfolding also provides the opportunity for entertainment, family engagement, and activities that the individuals will find fulfilling will be provided.
It is pivotal for EPIC to provide services to intellectually disabled individuals with outstanding residential care that provides the best of both worlds, a homelike setting in communities, and supports/activities that a larger facility affords. Although, EPIC Unfolding is a start up business, this allows the ability to feel more family like within the residents and worker.

EPIC Unfolding seeks to offer the best home-like living environment. Each group home will have 1-2 residents so that each resident will be able to enjoy a space of their own. Each person will have a comfortable room, matching as closely as possible to a home environment. The rooms will be comfortably furnished and decorated. The residents will receive three prepared meals per day, and two snacks will be offered in the afternoon and evenings. All meals will be served family style. Each meal will be prepared by trained cooking staff; meeting the individual’s nutritional requirements of all EPIC’s residents as needed.

EPIC’s staff will be on duty 24 hours a day and will be able to meet all of the needs of its residents. In addition to a full team of direct care staff, EPIC nursing staff to meet the medical needs of the residents will be offered. Direct care staff will be trained in emergency medical procedures as well as medication administration. The facility will also make arrangements with a physician and dentist to assume overall responsibility for medical and dental care. Each resident will have at least one annual physical examination per year by a licensed physician and dentist.

Location of Business
322 Mitchell Road
APT. 204
West Middlesex, Pennsylvania 16159
EPIC Unfolding will be located in Mercer County in Western, Pennsylvania which borders Mahoning and Trumbull Counties of Ohio. EPIC Unfolding will be located in a neighborhood with residential zoning. Accessibility to community services is essential and ideal for EPIC’s resident’s daily independent goals. The average cost to lease a property to fit EPIC’s criteria is approximately $800 dollars per month.
EPIC Unfolding’s facility will be handicap accessible and fit the ongoing needs of its residents. The homes will have 2-4 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms with a shared dining room, living room, and recreational space.
Although, EPIC Unfolding will be fully equipped for several different handicaps and disabilities, its houses will reflect the beauty and comfort of a nurturing home environment that is well designed and equipped with modern upkeep. All of EPIC Unfolding’s residents and their families will have some input into their individual space.


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